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Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot

Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot
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Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot Parade Uniform Lieutenant Pilot

Product Information

Officers Parade Uniform of the IMPERIAL  JAPANESE ARMY AIR CORPS. (Lieutenant Pilot)

Hat with;

            Plume and 2 part box holder for it.

            Card box (slightly AF) with manufacturers ‘Patriotic Good Luck paperwork ‘included.

¾ Length Tunic with;

            Shoulder Braid (1 * 2 Stars 1 * 1) and all associated piping/buttons/attachments etc.

            Pilots badge,Sword belt with hangings and Buckle,Parade tassel.

 Uniforms and equipment

As an integral part of the IJA, the Army Air Service wore the standard Imperial Japanese Army Uniforms.

Only flying personnel and ground crews wore sky blue trim and stripes, while officers wore their ranks on sky blue patches.

Two stars and combination of two gold stripes indicate the rank of Lieutenant.

On the collar,  - two bands.

On the arm stripes - two bands.

On the shoulder braid two stars... On the right .. On the left on this uniform is one star.. either 1 lost or a further sub element in the ranking system.

The striking blue of cuff, collar and piped trim is one of the outstanding features of this uniform.

Items of Note:-

Uniform is in Museum condition, apart from minor flaking to top of collar of minor braid.

The cloth is of the finest doe skin type material, with the most amazing silk lining.

The pale blue stitching to the lining is some of the most outstanding work we have ever seen, and leaves even the finest German Uniform workmanship in the cold !

The gilding on the buttons is superb and the braid work is stunning.

Inside the collar and cuffs are small studs, which allowed for cloth inserts to be placed over the material to act as a sweat band.

Sword Belt:-

Black leather—mint condition, with leather flap extending under belt buckle.

2 straps for the sword, together with various hooks are attached to the belt.

The buckle retains all the original gilt and is of the push/twist lock type.

The cloth lining is in the Air Corps blue and is stunning.

A very rare item in this condition in its own right.

Parade Sash:-

Fantastic red tassels on red and white stripe silk thread.

Held by a gilt plate at one point.. Apart from the few minor strands loose as depicted on the amazing woven top to the knot  shown.. this item has never been worn.

On the main uniform... There is a small flap which buttons over to secure the sash in position (which can be seen on the pictures) and with its uniform colour and blue piping.. together with this red.. must have been amazing on parade.

A very rare item in this condition in its own right.


Minor crackling to leather peak as is normal for age.. Amazing bullion work and double rank stripes. (The reference hat later depicted has 3 stripes indicating a Majors rank).

The 5 pointed star is as made and the condition of the front badge is stunning.

Full sweat band inside (not damages as many) and silk bow.

The 3 characters sewn in yellow silk inside are not manufacturers markings.. But we are informed the owners name.

The hat comes with its original card box (slightly af) and a leaflet.. Which we are informed is a ‘patriotic good luck’ note from the manufacturers.

Over.. Can be seen the rare cockade for the hat, which fits into the front badge for parades. As shown.


A feather cockage in Red and White, mounted on a gilt rod, which fits into the badge top on the hat.

The rod is angled, so the cockade stands proud of the hat when inserted.

It comes with its original tube and half box base...

This item is mint and almost if ever used.

Great care has to be taken to insert the feathers downward.. So no damage is made to the plumes.. As in this condition.. This item is almost unique in this condition.

Pilots badge:-

The quality of the workmanship is for all to see..

The central panel according to some reference works should be silvered.. But almost all depicted are as dark toned as this..

I have not attempted to clean it.. But I assume it is tarnished silver or silver plate as described.

Hook and fitting appear genuine.

The uniform (Pilots !) to which it is attached has a stitched double eyelet for the medal.. (similar to top Luftwaffa) so I have to assume it has always been with the Uniform.

A picture of the braid is depicted—once again to show the quality.


Price: 3250.00

Product Code: PARS41

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