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SS Officers Sword

SS Officers Sword
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SS Officers Sword SS Officers Sword SS Officers Sword SS Officers Sword SS Officers Sword SS Officers Sword

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A fine SS Sword, bought from an X Servicemans Estate. The serviceman was stationed in Burma and then took part in the DDay landings and collected items during those tours of WW2.  The Sword is approx 32.7" long and I believe is the usual mix of nickel/silver, steel constructed blade about 19 " long and has the shallow blood grooves to each side. The blade look in great condition but under magnification there are scratches and obvious signs of cleaning. A shame as the blade could have been professionally restored to a better quality, but overall still a nice blade. There is no makers mark to the blade, but having inspected it well and sought a second opinion , it is guaranteed to be 100% original an of the period. The hilt has a nickel/silver plated cross guard, ferrule, the exact standard shaped "D" knuckle bow, pommel and a black dyed, wooden grip. The hilt has the original nickel/silver plated and enamel SS runes button which is heavily encrusted with black grime form age. Under magnification I can see some small areas of the silver runes and black enamel that look like they have at some point in their time had some attention and work, but im unsure if this is later in life or wartime. Overall though in good condition. The ferrule has the original nickel/silver plated vertically embossed, repeating oak-leaves and acorn design and in lovely condition. The pommel is tight on the piece and plain, no SS runes engraved in this one.  The blackened hardwood grip has the correct, heavy, single, silver wire and is in good condition barring a few scratches and one small dent. The scabbard retains about 90% of its original black enamel painted finish, and whilst there are a few scratches and some loss, overall this is one of the better scabbards I have seen and had. The bottom, drag fitting is in excellent condition barring one small dent and the  top fitting is retained by two, small, flat headed screws and features a Celtic swirl pattern. The hanging straps are intact and correct and show rubbing use but otherwise fine.

This is an overall nice sword and these are becoming so scarce and hard to find these days. A great investment for the future. Please note the Luftwaffe Sword and Army Sabre were collected by the same Soldier and are listed on the site.

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