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Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap

Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap
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Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap

Product Information

A very fine Luftwaffe Officers Visor Cap.

A very nice quality, private purchase, Luftwaffe blue/grey, wool blend construction visor cap with mohair weave woven centerband, and fine silver/aluminum piping to the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the centerband. The internal cap crown seems to be strengthened by a  vertical stiffener to the front center and  gives the cap a nice shape with a high forward peak. The front center of the cap has second pattern, silver washed, stamped alloy, Luftwaffe eagle clutching a canted, swastika in it’s talons on a cut-out, Luftwaffe blue/grey wool base. This type of Cap badge appeared around Circa 1936/1937-1945 and this is a very fine example; slightly tarnished in areas but great condition. The front center of the Cap has a hand embroidered, oak-leaf wreath in silver/aluminum wire threads and with winged effect. The centre encompasses a national tri-color cockade which is constructed of black and silver/aluminum wire threads with an inserted red wool centerpiece. The whole thing is mounted on a cut-out, black wool base which will have been handstitched in place. The Chin Cord is twisted, silver/aluminum which is held to the cap by two silver washed alloy buttons, that have been given a pebbled effect. The cap's visor is black lacquered, vulcanfiber with machine stitched, simulated, leather trim to the forward edge. The inside of the cap has hand-stiched lining which I presume is a silk. The crown area has a clear celluloid sweat band that is fully intact but very grubby. It has silver writing on it that reads " Verkaufs - Abteilung der Luftwaffe Berlin SW68 puttkammerstr 16/18". It then has a diamond shape with "Ges Gesch EREL Berlin Sonderklasse" written within it and the size of EXTRA. The interior of the cap also very fine tanned leather sweat band all the way round that is very grubby but still well stiched in place and in great condition,with perforated sweat area to the front. On one side of the leather sweat band is a very faint impressed and printed manufacturer’s mark that reads "Erel", indicating manufacture by the Robert Lubstein firm of Berlin, "Stirnschutz", (Forehead Protection) and  "patent".

This is an extremely nice Luftwaffe Officers Visor, with everything going for it, great condition ( age wear, grubby and a bit smelly !! but no damage that we can see ) and all intact. If we had to be picky, there is some blackening and small wear to the chinstraps where they attach to the silver washed buttons and the visor has a number of small scratches. Dont let this one get away !! This was "liberated" by an X Serviceman of the British Army who also brought back a Luftwaffe Sword, SS Sword and a few other smaller items. We are not sure if the Sword and this cap came from the same Luftwaffe officer, but were from the same X Servicemans collection and "liberated" after he landed at D Day.


Price: 680.00

Product Code: LUFY30

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