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HJ members Belt and Buckle

HJ members Belt and Buckle

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A reasonably nice condition official pattern Hitler Jugend box buckle as introduced in 1933 for wear by all ranks. Die struck steel buckle with a nickel/silver finish. The buckle features an embossed HJ style national eagle with down-swept wings and clutching an HJ diamond to the center, on a slightly pebbled background. The eagle is surrounded by a circular ribbed background border with a simulated twisted rope trim to both the inner and outer edges. The circular border has embossed Gothic script of the HJ motto to the top, "Blut und Ehre", (Blood and Honor). The reverse of the buckle is a mirror image of the obverse. The reverse has a brazed on buckle catch, and the prong bar and prongs are all intact. The reverse of the buckle is also well marked with interestingly, 2 makers marks!! Ill have to get time to look up my Buckle book by Petr Nash and see why? . The 2 manufacturers code, show the Assman logo and A&S, then also O&C for Oberhof and Co and Ges Gesch. The buckle is overall fiarly good and comes with its original 85cm by 44mm leather belt. The belt is marked 85 for the size at one end and then a makers mark, that is almost unreadable, but looks like xxxxxx 1941 Zeitz and in an oval reserve. If anyone knows this maker please let me know...I cannot read the first name as its too patinated. The belt’s rivetted steel catch is intact. To the reverse of the buckled end is sewn a section of leather with seven doubled prong holes to it, for the prongs to the reverse of the buckle. Its overall in pretty reasonable condition and comes from a named owner.

This was purchased, along with the HJ Winter/Ski Cap, the owner's HJ Dagger and the VERY RARE, Special issue Olympic Stag Horn Dagger, given out at Olympic events.

I was very pleased to get the parcel from a German family in a small suburb area outside Munich a few years ago. I was especially pleased when the family also produced the grandfather's 1st pattern Luftwaffe dagger and a few other familt items from the war. I acquired the parcel and have treasured them all for the last few years. The family name will be provide as required, with the original Mein Kampf they were presented with.

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