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Vet Association Hat

Vet Association Hat
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Vet Association Hat Vet Association Hat Vet Association Hat Vet Association Hat

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The Veteran's Associations were in place in Germany before the ascent of the Third Reich. Once Hitler took power of the country, the Nazi party started exerting more influence into these organizations. Including the use of the swastika in hats, pins, uniforms and other items.

The main purpose of the Veteran's Association was to provide Veterans with social services. Anything from assistance with food, housing, medical care, as well as to provide a place for gatherings.

The hat featured here is a German WWII hat. As issued to members of the National Veteran's Association.

The design of the hat consisted of high peak dark blue wool material. With a black mid section. Black leather visor and chin strap. An eagle is placed at the top of the hat. Of metal construction. The wings are fully spread. The head is facing to the right. The chest area has a black iron cross with swords crossed behind.

The eagle is clutching a wreath with a swastika in the center. The hat device consists of a golden wreath with an oval shape in the center. The figure of a lighthouse is placed in the center. It sits atop a red ocean with a white circle containing a black swastika.

The side of the hat has a very interesting pattern consisting of a swastika and the veteran's association logo being displayed in an alternating fashion. The leather chin strap is attached to the hat via the use of a metal button with a flat black surface.

The chin strap is composed of three sections attached together by using metal brackets.

On the head lining is printed the veteran's association logo with the following sentence displayed above the logo; DEUTSCHER REICHSKRLEGERBUND RUFFBAUSER (GER GESDXIRT). The entire design is done with white ink.

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