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Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer

Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer
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Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer Luftwaffe Generals Uniform Otto Langemeyer

Product Information

Luftwaffe General der Flieger ‘s Uniform.  P.O.A.

This was a private purchase direct from the family of General der Flieger Otto Langemeyer.

Luftwaffe General der Flieger ‘s Visor Cap.

 Luftwaffe General Officer’s  Erel Private Visor Cap with Bullion Insignia , Piping and Chin cord.

There is a plastic liner protecter, regretfully the Erel insert is not present under the protector diamond although the Erel Logo and motto is printed on the inside of the sweat band.

It has a heavy gold bullion gilt eagle.  The gold bullion cockade and wreath are gilded and the chin cord is present. 

The visor and all cloth are in near excellent condition. There minor marks from routine use and wear on the inside liner and sweatband.


A private label Maker.. label to inside back/collar area - A Ruckmann, Haldensleben

Of the finest material, and carrying internal striped protection lining where appropriate.

As the Uniform was a bespoke purchase.. all the small loops are present for all the appropriate awards and badges.

Shoulder Boards General der Flieger , being twisted bullion with two pips.                          

Collar patches – Finest worked Bullion with white background.. Three eagles.

The uniform also carries a number of awards and badges..

WW2 Luftwaffe Pilot/Observers badge.

Pilot observers badge by C.E Junker – Stunning quality ..

one of  the finest badges we have ever seen.

Marked C.E.Junker Berlin SW on the rear

The Combined Pilots and Observers Badge was introduced on 26 March 1936 and replaced the older air crew badge. It took the same format as the former but the eagle was bright silver and the wreath was gilt with the top parts polished and the indentations matt. The badge was awarded on completion of both the pilots and observers courses.

Marked to rear CE Junker BERLIN SW. Great Juncker’s  detail to front of badge. of the Eagle, which is beautifully toned to a dark patina.. but I believe to be pure silver. It is held by 2 ball rivets..which appear to be silver and run through the stunning  Leaf Oval, which is very heavy gilt – which retains the fire gilding in its entirety. The pin appears to be silver, with its support  hinge heavy gilt.. the badge pins to the jacket through 2 custom loops for the pin. As expected on a Junckers  badges there is a C shaped catch to rear.

The badge is in near mint condition.      


WWII GERMAN Breast SPANGE TO THE 1914 IRON CROSS 2ND CLASS to indicate an additional 1st Class award, the Spange appears as an eagle with the date "1939" pinned above the Cross.

Although un-marked, the badge appears to be in Silver and is of outstanding quality.

The badge is in near mint condition.

 World War 1 Iron Cross 2nd.t Class.

Would appear to be marked KO and 850 hallmark to reverse and 850 silver mark to pin. The front is Iron.. black with some minor rust/tarnish W and 1914.

 WWI Iron Cross Ribbon 2nd Class. with 1939 Spang

Lapel/jacket edge - WWI Iron Cross Ribbon 2nd Class. with 1939 Spang.

 Luftwaffe Generals brocade belt & buckle.

Luftwaffe officer s dress brocade belt and buckle ( Luftwaffe offizier koppelschloss ). This aluminum brocade dress belt features an "A" ( Assmann) marked oval buckle with a gilt 2nd style Luftwaffe eagle held by 3 gilt rivets. The brocade is in excellent, limited wear condition. The belt is stamped 98 (cm) on the leather interior tongue. The back of the brocade is lined with Luftwaffe blue velvet material. The quality is outstanding.  Rarein this condition.


Riding breeches style with white felt piping to the side and tight ‘riding’ calf button fastenings to the bottom.

Piped in White, fancy riding breeches. (1 button missing at calf fitting).

Original braces.


Calf fitting boots (slightly scuffed) and carrying some old repairs. In black leather, with Iron Cross type interior pulls which double as attachments for the breeches if required.


Luftwaffe General der Flieger Otto Langemeyer.

Langemeyer retired in March 1944, and was serving as a General der Flieger.. Leader of Dept. 4 General-Quartermaster RLM.

Langemeyer had a most interesting career, entering the Army in 1902. He went to Spandau and Berlin, engaging in MG Training, and clearly showed promise in training and administration. This talent led him to positions as an Adjutant and Court-Officer and an appointment to the War Academy. Various unit appointments was followed by appointments to the General-staff Reserve-Corps and Beskiden-Corps leading to Chief of Operations of the 214th Infantry Regiment and then Chief of Operations of the Senior Quartermaster of the 3rd Army. Following the Armistice he moved to the Army-Peace Commission and then to the Interior Ministry, Security Police – Berlin and other quasi Police appointments till retiring in 1921.

He re-appears as Group-Leader in the Presidency of the Reichs Air protection Federation in 1934 – and played a major role in development of the Luftwaffe, which he officially became part subsequently.

Most later appointments revolved around the RLM and Herman Goering (who personally ran the RLM) and the Administration and development of supply of Aircraft and equipment to the Luftwaffe, through the General-Quartermasters Dept.  He retired in May 1944.



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