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MP40 Gun

MP40 Gun

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MP40 subMachine Gun-De-activated... for sale to UK only at this time..

will only be sold to an identified purchaser.

MP40 subMachine Gun & Paperwork - Multiple images will be sent on request.. the above is a stock photograph.

MP 40 Sub Machine Gun cocks and appears to do what it should – early ‘hook’ cocking device which was discontinued in early to mid 42 and a general order issued to replace the ‘hook’ type with the 2 piece bolt action.

Deactivation cert DA 46323 – Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House 14/3/94

Barrel no 6959 cross swords de-ac DA94

5439 heavy stamp – with /a appears to be struck through. This would appear to indicate this was a MP38 barrel.. re-numbered at the factory 6959 –when assembled, together with 66959i on the main body of the Gun.(Barrel assembly).

3380 BAR TC4 in cross swords.

WaA623 in Waffen Eagle struck 3 times

Magazine MP38U 40

Trigger Guard 2406 + Waffen stamp

Main Body stamp MP40 bnz 42  2406 b

Has 6959i in body where front sling hook is.

813 stamp on metal butt extension.

Has original leather sling.


The MP 38 and MP 40 (MP designates Maschinenpistole.), often wrongly called Schmeisser were submachine guns developed in Nazi Germany and used extensively by Fallschirmjäger, tank crews, platoon and squad leaders, and other troops during World War II

the MP 40 was a further simplification of the MP 38, with certain cost-saving alterations, notably in the more extensive use of stamped steel rather than machined parts.

The MP 40 was often called the "Schmeisser" by the Allies, after weapons designer Hugo Schmeisser. Schmeisser had designed the MP 18, which was the first mass-produced submachine gun, and saw extensive service at the end of the First World War. He did not, however, design the MP 40, although he held a patent on the magazine. He later designed the MP 41, which was an MP 40 with a wooden rifle stock and a selector, identical to those found on the earlier MP 28 submachine gun.

Despite the impression given by popular culture, particularly in war films and video games, MP 40s were generally issued only to paratroopers and platoon and squad leaders; the majority of German soldiers carried Karabiner 98k rifles. However, later experience with Soviet tactics - such as the Battle of Stalingrad where entire units armed with submachine guns outgunned their German counterparts in short range urban combat - caused a shift in tactics, and by the end of the war the MP 40 and its derivatives were being issued to entire assault platoons on a limited basis.

There were never enough MP 40s to go around, because raw material and labor costs made it expensive to produce alongside the Kar98 rifles, which, for troops finding themselves more and more in assault roles, meant that the Russian PPSh-41 was sometimes scavenged from the battlefield to fill the need.

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