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MP 38/40 Ammunition Pouch & Accessories

MP 38/40 Ammunition Pouch & Accessories

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Individuals equipped with the MP38/40 were issued a pair of specially designed ammo pouches which each held three thirty-two round stick ammunition magazines.

Detailed Pictures on request..

For sale – Left  AMMO Pouch - Early MP38/40 pouch, dark gray/green canvas, marked and dated "hcy 42".

Marked HCY 42 impressed in leather belt loop and on the other belt loop indistinct numbering and Waffenamt stamp..

Beautiful early MP38/40 pouch, made in dark gray/green canvas, slightly worn condition, manufactured by "HCY" (Max Ficker & Sohn, Remse/Muelde, a maker of ammunition pouches and belts) in 1942.. Nice pouch in very good condition.

Pouch contains the following:-

3 Ammunition Magazines

three thirty-two round stick ammunition magazines

1              Marked bottom . MP38u 40 – marked top of clip 98E 40 + 2 Waffenamt stamp..

2              Marked bottom . MP38u 40 – marked back of clip gqm 42 + Waffenamt stamp..

3              Marked bottom . MP38u 40 – marked back of clip indistinct 42 + 2 Waffenamt stamp..



The quick loading tool was issued to all personnel equipped with the MP38/40 and came in the left hand side MP38/40 ammo pouch that had an additional small side pocket to accommodate the tool. The tool was utilized to load the thirty-two round stick magazines.

Machine tooled, blued steel construction, spring loaded, quick loading tool for the MP38/40. The tool is well marked with the impressed designation "M.P.38u.40" and the manufacturer’s three letter code and date, "kur 42" indicating manufacture by Steyr-Daimler-Puch A.-G. of Graz, in 1942.

Price: 650.00

Product Code: MP A41

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