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black Panzer uniform (Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Panzertruppen)

black Panzer uniform (Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Panzertruppen)
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black Panzer uniform (Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Panzertruppen) black Panzer uniform (Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Panzertruppen)

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This is a really awesome item. 100% ALL genuine period attached insignia... the sory of this find from a farm in Devon, amongst the chicken coups is fascinating...and how the X serviceman collected it in Normandy... A real, been there seen it period piece . please note wound badge and pin have been removed for now but can be re-added for a small fee....

The famous black Panzer uniform (Sonderbekleidung der Deutschen Panzertruppen) was introduced to the Army in 1934. Heinz Guderian, Inspector of Panzer Troops, had been thinking about what to do for a new uniform that would be unique to armoured crewmen of his new Panzer arm when he went on a ski trip and saw a new style of short jacket for Alpine skiing that had a double breasted closure, but almost no visible buttons for modern, streamlined look. The jacket could be worn open with a turtle neck sweater or closed all  the way up. Guderian quickly adopted the jacket, along with the ski trousers that went with it, as his new Panzer uniform. In black wool, it was reminiscent of the Napoleanic-era Braunschweig Hussars with  their black jackets and silver death's head insignia. Black also had the added advantage of not showing grease and oil quite so badly..

Mans uniform, Panzer Pink (Rosa) piping around the collar, constructed of Black Wool of the correct weave and weight, authentic liner with all the correct detail expected.. and including the original collar deaths heads either side mounted on rose piped tabs.. shoulder /epaulette tabs, which are part lined (grey) to reverse with buttons, and the same lining to jacket, with all the expected tabs and loops.

A machine BEVO woven national breast eagle in silver wire, an Iron cross second class ribbon sewn to collar and a pin badge.. Swastika in a cog wheel.

The most surprising aspect is the feel of the material which is quite hard and course and has a very unique feel.. once held in the hand you would always recognise it again.

A Mans uniform is quite rare, as Officers tended to be looked after by ‘batmen’ and more highly treasured and the ‘field’ uniform of a typical driver had a lot more rough handling.

Very rare in this condition and the base for a great ‘Panzer Collection’.

Price: 2200.00

Product Code: BLAE32

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